Bound for Glory Schedule-Fall 2017

August 27—Debra Cowan. Debra Cowan is a singer and interpreter of great songs, old and new. Some of her songs are centuries old, some were written yesterday. Songs with excellent choruses. She’s got a good sense of humor, and is just a delightful performer. A fine way to start our 51st year.

September 3—Larry Kaplan. Larry Kaplan writes songs that other people sing and record, and many of them don’t know where they come from. Larry Kaplan is a hero, a writer of strong songs that travel before him. He’s both laid back and charming, and his first Bound for Glory performance will be a very special show.

September 10—Brother Sun. Alas, it’s the last Bound for Glory for this wonderful folk trio. Pat Wictor, Joe Jencks, and Greg Greenway have taken the folk world by storm. This is one of their last shows as a trio, and let’s enjoy their magic. We can sing with them, and we can share their excellent songwriting, and amazing playing, too.

September 17—Pint & Dale. It’s been decades since William Pint and Felicia Dale have been on Bound for Glory. They come from Washington State, and are very seldom in this area. Many of their songs are traditional songs of the sea, done with skill and fantastic energy.

September 24—Claudia Schmidt. She’ll leave you with a smile. Claudia Schmidt, from Michigan, is a writer of tremendous flexibility. She writes about just about everything, with a wry sense of humor, and an ability to talk right to you. We’re so very pleased to have her back on Bound for Glory.

October 1—Rick Shea. We’ve been trying to get a date together for Rick Shea for several years, and he’s coming to do his first live Bound for Glory. Rick is from California, and his songs reflect the rural world that he lives in. He passes along not the intense urban part of California, but the realities connected to the rest of the state.

October 8—Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes Fall Break, and we’re following the Cornell calendar. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

October 15—T.B.A.

October 22—Castlebay. Castlebay comes to us from the coast of Maine. It’s been decades since they’ve done Bound for Glory. They have an amazing repertoire of songs of the sea, both traditional and new, and stories to go with them. Guitar and harp, most unusual.

October 29—Bob Bovee. Bob Bovee plays old time songs. He’s based in Minnesota, so he seldom comes to these parts. He’s lots of fun, with a whole songbag of old songs and tunes, that feel like they’re sung in your kitchen. Come sing with him.

November 5—Ernest Troost. Ernest Troost comes from California. It’ll be his second visit to Bound for Glory. He’s a songwriter with a wide imagination, writing songs for different people in different circumstances. And he manages to sound like he means it, regardless of what he’s singing about.

November 12—Mark Mandeville & Raianne Richards. Last year they did their first Bound for Glory show. We all liked their homemade songs, and the way they painted pictures of the people that they were writing about. They’re very welcome back on the show.

November 19—T.B.A.

November 26—Albums from the Studios. Happy Thanksgiving. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

December 3—T.B.A.

From December 10 through January 21, Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios. Catch a few Chanukah songs on December 10, the Winter Solstice show on December 17, the Christmas Special show, on Christmas Eve, December 24, and the New Year’s Special on New Year’s Eve, December 31. Holiday songs you won’t hear in the shopping malls. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory? January 28, 2018.



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