Bound for Glory Schedule-Fall 2019

September 1—The Flywheels. What an excellent string band! The Flywheels are an old timey band. Except when they’re not. The Flywheels are a traditional bluegrass band. Except when they’re not. There are four of them, and they find traditional music of several varieties, and they know how to play it and sing it.

September 8—Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio. What a fine show!!! Heather and her band play all kinds of music, and have a great time doing it. And we’ll have a great time being part of it. They’ve been here before, and every time they do a show we want them to keep going.

September 15—John O’Connor & His Fellow Travelers. John O’Connor comes back to Bound for Glory, and this time he comes with a full band. He’s a top songwriter, and this time his politics are showing. No surprise there. John disappeared for, oh, 25 years or so. When he reappeared, he was just fine.

September 22—Scott Cook. Scott Cook comes to us from Alberta, Canada. He writes about all of our adventures and mis-adventures, finding a way to talk about nearly everything in our lives. And he brings us some traditional songs, too. You’ll enjoy his surprising ways of looking at all of us.

September 29—Hugh O’Doherty. Hugh is a really neat songwriter. He tells stories about real people and their lives. He’s full of good humor and will make you smile. Just a moment later, he’ll make you think. We’re pleased to have him back on Bound for Glory once again.

October 6—Amy Gallatin & Stillwaters. Are they a bluegrass band? Folk? Country? They certainly play all sorts of songs, old and young. On instruments that stand out. And they sing as well. They’re tight and right. And we’re more than pleased to welcome them back on Bound for Glory. Make sure you come too.

October 13—Albums from the studios, as Cornell takes Fall Break, and we’re following the Cornell calendar. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

October 20—Mara Levine co-bill with Gathering Time. Mara Levine has done Bound for Glory several times, but Gathering Time is a new experience for all of us. An excellent song collection, of songs new and not so new, with magical arrangements. Lots of excellent energy, worth sharing.

October 27—Larry Kaplan. One of our favorite songwriters, Larry Kaplan writes songs of the sea, of his favorite Connecticut River, and of the land. He has a marvelous way with words, and he sings the truth in life. What a wonderful guy!!! Please welcome him back to Bound for Glory.

November 3—Naomi Sommers. Bill Staines had to cancel at the last minute, but we are mighty pleased that Naomi Sommers will be able to join us. She has a fine voice, and wonderful songs that merge traditional and contemporary styles of American folk music.

November 10—Arise & Go. The tunes of Ireland. And Scotland. And Atlantic Canada. Arise and Go has incredibly close timing, and wonderful tune selection. They live, for the moment, in Ithaca. But one of them comes from New Brunswick, Canada. The last time they were on the show they won the Best of Bound for Glory award.

November 17—Joy Bennett & Chris Koldewey. Joy and Chris make quite a couple, quite a pair. Their songs tend toward the traditional, songs of the sea and the land. They have found the happiness in singing the old songs, in keeping the old ways alive. And they smile a lot.

November 24—Terry Kelleher. Terry is funny, and unexpected. And he’s one of the people who makes Bound for Glory work on Sunday nights. He’s a wild songwriter, and he has a style all his own. We’ll let him loose, and enjoy both his own songs and his wide-ranging repertoire that’s very special.

December 1—Albums from the studios. Happy Thanksgiving. Give Phil at call at 607-273-2121.

December 8—The New Cut Road String Band. Oh, you know these folks, from the Ithaca String Band scene, playing old timey dance tunes, singing old songs. Lively and earthy. Music from the Southern Appalachians. Plus Steve Arkin, banjo player extraordinare.

From December 15 through January 19, 2020, Bound for Glory will be albums from the studios. Catch the Winter Solstice show on December 15, the Christmas special show, with a nod to Chanukah, on December 22, and the New Year’s special on December 29. Twelfth Night? January 5. Holiday songs you won’t hear in the shopping malls. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next live Bound for Glory? January 26, 2020.


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