Bound for Glory Schedule-Spring 2017

January 29—Tal Naccarato. We’ll start out with Tal Naccarato, making his first Bound for Glory appearance, singing songs old and new about, well, everything. And telling stories to go with them. Tal is one fine guitar player, and I’m sure glad that he’s coming to the show. ‘Cmon along.

February 5—Peter Mulvey. Well, he’s a songwriter, and a singer of other people’s songs. Peter’s been on the circuit for several decades, but he’s never been to Bound for Glory before. He’s got a sly good humor, and great energy. What a treat to welcome him to the show!

February 12—Beaucoup Blue. They’re a father and son, from Philadelphia. They’re songwriters, and singers of old blues, done in their inimitable style. And they’re a lot of fun. Their music covers many bases, and when you think you’ve figured them out, they’ll surprise you.

February 19—Albums from the Studios as Cornell is on February Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

February 26—Sally Rogers & Howie Bursen. It’s so good to have them back on the show, after many years. Their contemporary songs have a wry humor about them, except, of course, for the ones that are just plain fun. Their traditional material is just wonderful. Makes us understand why the old songs are so important. Howie is one of the original Bound for Glory performers. He’s been part of the show since the very beginning.

March 5—Mustard’s Retreat. Mustard’s Retreat makes you feel like you’re in your own living room with a couple of marvelous musicians on the couch. It’s very informal, and very magical. Over time they’ve written more and more of their own songs, but they’ve always kept a connection to the music that’s come before.

March 12—Reverend Robert Jones & Matt Watroba. Well, Matt’s been on Bound for Glory before, solo, but the two of them together are something you’ve never seen or heard. Where does your music come from? They know, and they’ll share it with you. They just sparkle. They’re both fun and serious at the same time.

March 19—Joe Jencks. You know Joe Jencks as part of the wonderful trio Brother Sun. But it’s been years since Joe’s done a solo Bound for Glory. He’s a wonderful songwriter, and a finder of old songs, and he will have your attention all night long. Just marvelous.

March 26—The Cadleys. John and Cathy Cadley are wonderful singers, with close harmonies. Their songs come from bluegrass, country, and the folk tradition. John’s songs have been sung throughout the world of bluegrass. A real treat to have them back on the show.

April 2 & 9—Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Spring Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

April 16—Davey O. Davey is unlike anyone else who ever appears on Bound for Glory. Yes, he’s a songwriter. But his songs are full of rustbelt reality. He sings songs that belong with people who work with their hands, with people whose way of life is passing. Plus, he’s good.

April 23—Joe Crookston. Joe Crookston is one of the best people ever to join Ithaca’s music scene. He’s a songwriter, and an amazing, energetic performer, who travels the whole country. It’s a grand treat to have him back on the Bound for Glory show, for the first time in a while. Be there.

April 30—The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio. Heather Pierson’s got a lot of pizzazz. She’s a strong writer, and a strong singer. She plays mostly piano, and the rest of the trio makes a full sound, featuring former Bound for Glory regular Davy Sturtevant. We’re so pleased.

May 7—Steve Gillette & Cindy Mangsen. Well, Bound for Glory is in its 50th year, and Steve and Cindy are coming back on the show, for the first time in a while. Old songs and new, great choruses to sing along on, and a kind of magic that’s really rare these days.

May 14—James Gordon. We’ll end a spectacular spring season with the return of James Gordon, of Guelph, ON. He’s a fine writer, and a fine singer, with quite a sense of humor. He first came to Bound for Glory as the lead singer of the band Tamarack. His songs range from Canadian history to the foibles of the modern world. You never know what’s on his mind.

From May 21 through June 18, WVBR’s Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Summer Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory folk concert broadcast? June 25. There will be six live Bound for Glory concert broadcasts this summer.

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