Bound for Glory Schedule-Fall 2018

August 26—Traonach. We’ll start our fall series of live shows with the Celtic band Traonach. Jigs and reels, and songs as well as tunes. It’s an Irish session writ large. Traonach will get your toes tapping. They just plain have fun playing their music, and the fun is very contagious.

September 2—Tracy Grammer. Tracy is a fine songwriter and a collector of other people’s songs as well. She’s a magical performer. She’s making her second visit to Bound for Glory, but the first one was back in 2001, with her late partner Dave Carter. Join her as she spins her delightful web.

September 9— Hugh O’Doherty. Hugh is a really neat songwriter. He tells stories about real people and their lives. He’s full of good humor and will make you smile. Just of moment later, he’ll make you think. We’re pleased to have him make his first appearance on Bound for Glory.

September 16—John Roberts. John Roberts sings songs in the English folk tradition. He’s both expert at the serious long ballads of old, and full of good humor. John has a huge repertoire, and we’ll never know what to expect until it happens. Fifty years ago John was a big part of the Ithaca folk scene. He’s back again.

September 23—Bobby Henrie & Aaron Lipp. Boy, can these guys play. And sing. Flatpicking extraordinaire. Bobby is inspired by the late Doc Watson. Aaron is inspired by… Aaron. They really respect the American folk tradition, and the country songs of many decades ago.

September 30—Larry Kaplan. Larry Kaplan writes songs that other people sing and record, and many of them don’t know where they come from. Larry Kaplan is a hero, a writer of strong songs that travel before him. He’s both laid back and charming, and his second Bound for Glory performance will be a very special show.

October 7—Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes Fall Break, and we’re following the Cornell calendar. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

October 14— The Cadleys. Welcome back John and Cathy Cadley, and friends. It’s bluegrass-flavored music, festooned with wonderful songwriting, as well as hot licks. The Cadleys are not a standard bluegrass band. They are wonderful explorers of American Country-flavored songs, both old and new.

October 21—Cliff Eberhardt & Louise Mosrie. Both Cliff and Louise are super songwriters. They are very different, and each is a whole lot of fun. We might call Cliff somewhat bluesy, and Louise somewhat country. But the strongest thing we can say is that they both know the truth when they sing it.

October 28— Mac Benford and UpSouth. If some scholar writes a history of the Old Timey revival in this country, there will be a chapter on Mac Benford. This band is fun. There are songs and tunes, old and not so old, and a bunch of players and singers who make this music work, and work well. Good times. They’ll get your feet tapping.

November 4—Heather Pierson Trio. Lots of different kinds of music. The Heather Pierson trio has been on Bound for Glory once before, and it was a knock out. What a superior show!! The band is tight, and right. Heather Pierson is a fine songwriter and performer.

November 11—Home Remedy. Rosie Newton and Lydia Garrison get together to sing new songs and old, with a country flavor, and excellent harmonies. They’re just charming, Welcome them to Bound for Glory for the first time. Rosie has been on Bound for Glory several times, most recently as half of Richie and Rosie.

November 18—Debra Cowan. Debra Cowan is a singer and interpreter of great songs, old and new. Some of her songs are centuries old, some were written yesterday. Songs with excellent choruses. She’s got a good sense of humor, and is just a delightful performer. She is always welcome on Bound for Glory.

November 25—Albums From The Studios. Happy Thanksgiving. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

December 2—Cosy Sheridan. What a fine way to end our fall season! Cosy Sheridan invites you into her world. She’s a songwriter, and a storyteller. Some of her songs are about things that happened yesterday, some are about ancient Greek mythology. Go figure. Come enjoy what she does. She’s a delight.

From December 9 through January 20, Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios. Catch a few Chanukah songs on December 9, the Winter Solstice show on December 16, the Christmas Special show, on December 23, and the New Year’s Special on December 30. Twelfth Night on January 6. Holiday songs you won’t hear in the shopping malls. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory? January 27, 2019.


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