Bound for Glory Schedule-Summer 2017

June 25—Kenny White. What an outstanding songwriter, and piano player. What does he write about? Well, anything and everything. One of the most flexible performers you’ve ever heard, with a good and unusual sense of humor. A great way to start our summer season.

July 2—Bill Destler. We’re so pleased that Bill Destler is coming back to Bound for Glory. He is a traditionally oriented folksinger, who adds some of his homemade songs to the mix. He’s a wonderful guitar and banjo player. And he’s one of the original Bound for Glory performers. Welcome him back.

July 9—The Crooked Line. Bluegrass. With a little old-timey flavor, and some unexpected, sometimes wild, songwriting. Remarkable hot licks. You can feel that they’re having a grand time. From State College, Pennsylvania. Find them on Facebook.

July 16—Mike Agranoff. Mike Agranoff is one of the funniest people in folk music. And he can switch in an instant to his serious, thinky side. He’s written recitations that will leave you with a grin, and he collects songs from all over the English-speaking world. What a song selection!

July 23—Gordon Thomas Ward. A writer of historical songs, taking less well known stories from American history, and writing about them in ways that humanize the participants. His songs are a remarkable achievement, and a lot of fun. We’ve never heard anyone like him.

July 30—The Hickory Project. Bluegrass. Linking old and new in acoustic music. It’s been a long time since the Hickory Project appeared on Bound for Glory. Wonderful singers and flexible instrumentalists. Let’s welcome them back. It’ll be the last show of the summer, and the last show of the fiftieth year.

From August 6th through the 20th, Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell resumes its Summer Break, and the room we use at Anabel Taylor is closed. Give Phil a call on Sunday night at 607-273-2121. The 51st year, of WVBR’s Bound for Glory, live, starts on August 27th.


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