Bound for Glory Schedule-Spring 2019

January 27—Travis Knapp. We’ll start our season with one of the finest songwriters, and occasionally, traditional singers that we’re had on Bound for Glory recently. Travis has won the Best of Bound for Glory award…and his smile is contagious. A great way to start the live shows in 2019.

February 3—Janet Batch. What a delightful, quirky songwriter. Janet, and her band, has made quite a splash in the Ithaca area, and it is our pleasure to welcome them to their first live Bound for Glory show. Her songwriting is full of surprises and humor.  

February 10—Andrew VanNorstrand. Andrew is known far and wide for his instrumental virtuosity. But he’s also a fine songwriter, as we’ll all find out. He’ll bring some of his favorite musical friends with him, and the energy will be high, not to be missed.

February 17—Eddy & Kim Lawrence. It’s been many a year since the last time Eddy Lawrence appeared on Bound for Glory, and now he’s joined by his wife Kim. What a wild writer! With a smile he says that they’re a bit like the old Smothers Brothers. Well, let’s just say that we can’t find a better analogy.

February 24—Albums from the Studios. Cornell February break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

March 3—Vance Gilbert. What an honor to again present Vance Gilbert, one of the best writers and performers on the folk circuit today. Tremendous variety, and stories to go with the songs. Lots of good humor, and a wry look at the human condition.

March 10—Mark Rust. Every couple of years we are pleased to welcome Mark Rust, one of the best of the Bound for Glory performers. He’s got stories aplenty, some of them from his time in Ithaca many years ago. He writes choruses that we all want to sing, and he’s just a delight. On guitar and hammered dulcimer.

March 17—Mustard’s Retreat. Mustard’s Retreat makes you feel like you’re in your own house with three marvelous musicians sitting on your couch. Informal, very magical. Over time they’ve written more and more of their own songs, but they’ve always kept a connection to the music that’s come before.

March 24—Pepper & Sassafras. Jeffrey Pepper Rodgers and Wendy Ramsay return to Bound for Glory, with a fine collection of songs that will fill you up with wit, humor, and the unexpected. It’s about time we welcomed them back to Bound for Glory. Lots of fun.

March 31 & April 7—Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Spring Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

April 14—Small Potatoes. Rich Prezioso and Jacquie Manning present songs new and old, of amazing variety. They’ve made an album from their Bound for Glory appearances, and they’ve won the Best of Bound for Glory award. They’re funny and magical, and,by gosh, they’re coming back.

April 21—Joe Crookston. Joe does amazing things with his live audiences. He’s powerful, and a lot of fun, often at the same time. He has a remarkably twisted view of history and comes up with quite unexpected lyrics that tell where we’ve been and, maybe, where we’re going.

April 28—Jane Rothfield & Allan Carr. Phil has been trying to get Jane and Allan to do a live Bound for Glory for at least twenty years!  It’ll be an evening of traditional songs of both the Appalachians and Scotland, and a bunch of new songs written within the folk tradition.  A very special show.

May 5—Mike Agranoff. Mike is very funny, except when he’s very serious.  He sings traditional songs, songs of various contemporary writers, and a few of his own. And he’s quite the storyteller, known for his infamous recitations. Sing with him!

May 12—Castlebay. Music from the coast of Maine, and from the Celtic lands. Good stuff. Songs and stories, both ancient and modern. Julia Lane and Fred Gosbee play many instruments, including the Celtic harp, and they are both fine singers. An excellent way to end our Spring season.

From May 19 through June 16, WVBR’s Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Summer Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory folk concert broadcast?  June 23, 2019.  There will be six live Bound for Glory concert broadcasts this summer.

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