Bound for Glory Schedule-Summer 2019

From May 19 through June 16, WVBR’s Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Summer Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory folk concert broadcast?  June 23, 2019.  There will be six live Bound for Glory concert broadcasts this summer.

June 23—Simmerin’ Stew String Band. These guys are great fun. They take songs from the early 20th century and have a blast as they pass them on to you. You’ll have a blast yourself. Good time music for all of us. A great way to start our summer season.

June 30—Nate Marshall and Friends. Nate is a grand songwriter, making the most out of the 21st century. His songs are very current…and then he’ll switch to a traditional song, when you least expect it. Hard to say who else is coming along. We may all find out at the same time.

July 7—Ross Hollow. Ross Hollow is an Indianapolis-based band bringing thoughtful songs to thoughtful people, with a few unexpected surprises and an attitude to go with them. Their songs are about everything, and they will prove that to you.

July 14—Hoot and Holler. A woman and a man together, writers of new songs that they play in an old style, old-timey fashion. For just a minute the music feels very old. Then it sneaks up on you that they are in the present day. Wonderful harmonies.

July 21—Kora Feder. A wonderful writer. Kora Feder played on Bound for Glory with her mother, Rita Hosking, years ago. Now she’s out on her own, with a brand new album of unexpected songs. Strong stuff, makes you think, makes you listen.

July 28—Gordon Thomas Ward. A singer of songs about historical figures and people that you don’t know, but ought to. It’s his second time on Bound for Glory, and we’re glad to have him back, and to end our summer shows. Nowadays he’s moved to Maine.

We’ll resume albums from the Studios, as Cornell resumes its Summer Break, and the room we use at Anabel Taylor is not available. Give Phil a call on Sunday night at 607-273-2121. The 53rd year, of WVBR’s Bound for Glory, live, starts on September 1, 2019.


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