Bound for Glory Schedule-Spring 2018

January 28—Dan Duggan & Peggy Lynn. Dan is one of America’s very best Hammer Dulcimer players. Peggy is a fine songwriter and has a great voice to go with the songs. Years ago, Dan appeared on Bound for Glory several times. It’s great to have him back. A fine way to start 2018.

February 4—Kyle Carey. Please welcome back this outstanding songwriter and song finder. She’s got a distinctive voice and a way with the audience that you’ll remember. Plus a little bit of Scots Gallic, which always surprises all of us. One of a kind.

February 11—Arise and Go. Arise and Go is a remarkable and fairly new regional Celtic band. Tim Ball joins with Ellie Goud and Michael Roddy for an excellent collection of Celtic tunes and songs, many of which you’ve never heard before. Charming, lovely, and very tight and good.

February 18—Albums from the Studios. Cornell February Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

February 25—Richie & Rosie. Richie Stearns and Rosie Newton start off with American Old Time music, on banjo and fiddle. The creativity grows from there, with outstanding homemade songs and tunes, and amazing instrumental flexibliity. They have a lot of respect for the folk tradition, and bring it along to today.

March 4—Mustard’s Retreat. Mustard’s Retreat makes you feel like you’re in your own house with a couple of marvelous musicians on the couch. Informal, very magical. Over time they’ve written more and more of their own songs, but they’ve always kept a connection to the music that’s come before. This time, maybe a trio?

March 11—Michael Jerling with Tony Markellis. Been a while. Let’s welcome back outstanding songwriter Michael Jerling. Michael has a grand and unusual sense of humor, and he writes about anything that strikes his fancy. A delightful and unusual performer.

March 18—Alfie Smith & Nicole Christian. Alfie and Nicole are among Ontario’s finest singers and players. You can hear blues in what they do, and country, too. They take all kinds of songs and give them their own twists. We’ve been trying to arrange a date them on Bound for Glory for several years. Don’t miss them.

March 25—John Specker. John Specker is an amazing fiddler and a dramatic and exciting singer and performer. Songs and tunes from the American folk tradition. We can’t, and won’t, compare him with anybody else.

April 1 & April 8—Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Spring Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

April 15—Bill Staines. Bill’s songs go before him. He’s one of the best of America’s folk song writers, and is quite the incredible performer, yarnspinner, and humorist. Several of his songs seem to have joined the Folk Tradition; one of the highest compliments a songwriter ever receives is that his songs are sung all over the place by people who don’t really know who wrote them. Come sing along.

April 22—Dan Berggren. Dan is just plain charming. He’s a writer, and singer of traditional songs from the Adirondacks. A lot of his songs have great choruses, and he has stories to tell along with the songs. Plus, he’ll make you think. He finds the humor in contemporary events.

April 29—Andy Cohen & Alan Kaufman. Andy Cohen sings the blues. With Alan Kaufman, though, a lot of his music is Old Timey, since Alan plays fiddle. Expect the unexpected when they get together on Bound for Glory. Expect good time music.

May 6—Guy Davis. Guy Davis is one of the most exciting performers on the circuit today. He does traditional blues, and contemporary songs, in the American Black tradition. He does stories, old and new, and the audience sings and shouts right along on everything. We’re incredibly happy to have him back on Bound for Glory.

May 13—Anne Hills. What a way to end our season! Anne Hills sings songs old and new. She’s a fine writer, a magical performer, and she’s won the Best of Bound for Glory award. She’s been on Bound for Glory a number of times over the decades, and it’s great to have her back.

From May 20 through June 17, WVBR’s Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Summer Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory folk concert broadcast? June 24. There will be six live Bound for Glory concert broadcasts this summer.

Bound for Glory Schedule-Summer 2018

June 24—Liza DiSavino & A.J. Bodnar. They live in the Catskills, and have a wonderful collection of regional traditional songs and stories to share with you. New York State has a whole lot of both songs and stories that are hiding in plain sight. First time on Bound for Glory.

July 1—The Twangtown Paramours. What wonderful songwriters. Mary Beth Zamer and Mike Lewis come from Nashville, TN, with a whole lot of sparkle and a smile. Enjoy their first live Bound for Glory show.

July 8— Pierce Pettis. What a strong writer, what a good performer. Pierce Pettis comes from Alabama, with more to say than almost anyone. Catch this outstanding folksinger in his natural habitat. He’s done Bound for Glory several times, and is welcome any time.

July 15—The Vollmers. Old Timey music from a couple of people who really know what they’re doing. Brian Vollmer, Claire Byrne, and maybe some friends. We’ll have us a good time.

July 22— John O’Connor. It’s been several decades since John’s appearance on Bound for Glory, but neither of us has forgotten the experience. When John came back on the road, he got right in touch with us. He’s a magical guy, and we’ll all be glad to see him again.

July 29—Pat Wictor & Deborah Latz. We all know Pat Wictor as a solo, and as a member of the wonderful trio Brother Sun. But we’ve never heard him with Deborah Latz. They promise some really interesting songs, quite different from what Pat has done before, sure to leave us grinning.

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