Bound for Glory Schedule-Spring 2020

January 26—Matt Nakoa. Matt Nakoa has made a whole bunch of good vibes wherever he goes. He’s one of the best of the coming generation of acoustic performers. He’s quite versatile on keyboards and on guitar, and is a highly creative songwriter. He’ll be a great way to start live shows in 2020.

February 2—Joe Jencks. Joe Jencks has been on Bound for Glory several times as a solo performer. He also was a member in good standing of the famous trio, the late, lamented Brother Sun. He’s a wonderful writer, and an activist extraordinaire. And he’s got a good sense of humor. Very, very welcome.

February 9—Leslie Lee & Steve Gretz. Once in a while we are graced by the excellent voices and magic of Leslie and Steve. They come from suburban Rochester, but they travel far and wide, bringing their music to many places. It’ll be a fun evening on Bound for Glory.

February 16—Carolann Solebello & Joe Iadanza. Carolann is a really fine singer and songwriter, and Joe is a very hot guitarist. Carolann has been a travelling musician for a long time, with a style that puts a smile on the faces of the audience. Sometimes she’s funny, sometimes quite serious.

February 23—Albums from the Studios. Cornell February Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121.

March 1—The Vollmers. Old Timey music from a duo who really know how to play it. Brian is one of upstate New York’s best Old Timey musicians. Claire is best known as the fiddle player in Driftwood. Check out their approach to the old songs, including old bluegrass, and some new songs as well.

March 8—Bill Destler & Rebecca Johnson. Bill Destler is one of the original Bound for Glory performers, way back when. He’s a wonderful writer, and singer of traditional songs. Rebecca is a wonderful singer, harmonizer, and a magical performer, full of sparkly energy.

Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios for the rest of the  Spring Semester

Each week for the rest of the semester we will be featuring a recording of a previous live show or music from a selected performer. Is there something you would like to hear? Email Phil at  Click here for ways to listen to the show.

From May 17 through June 14, WVBR’s Bound for Glory will be Albums from the Studios, as Cornell takes its Summer Break. Give Phil a call at 607-273-2121. Next Live Bound for Glory folk concert broadcast? June 21. We are planning on six live Bound for Glory concert broadcasts this summer.

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