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The Friends of Bound For Glory has a new mission: to preserve and archive the 50+ years of recorded Bound for Glory shows. Many are on fragile tapes and desperately need digitizing to preserve the shows for posterity.

Since 1967, Phil Shapiro has been hosting weekly folk music broadcasts with local, national, and internationally-touring folk performers. While the show has been recorded live from Anabel Taylor Hall on the Cornell University campus and broadcast on WVBR-FM each week, it has never been directly supported by Cornell. The microphones, mixing boards, transmitting equipment, links to the radio studio, and all the other equipment have all been obtained over the years by donations to the Friends of Bound for Glory.

Every show was recorded, and there are now over 2,500 hours of recording on reel-to-reel tapes, DAT tapes, and CDs, creating a unique collection spanning 50 years of American folk music.

We are working with the Cornell Library Archivist to create a Bound For Glory Archive in the Cornell Library system, accessible to the Cornell community as well as researchers worldwide. Digitizing, storing, and making all this material accessible is time consuming—and thus expensive. We are raising funds to preserve fragile media before the musical heritage is lost to the ravages of time.

Your help is needed donate to help save history! Click on the PayPal button to donate to the BFG Archive Project:

Be a Friend of Bound for Glory!

Bound for Glory has been a labor of love for 50 years, but love can’t keep equipment from getting old and wearing out. This is where we need your help! Your tax-deductible contribution of $10 or more to the Friends of Bound for Glory will help pay for new microphones, CD machines, turntables, cables, and lots of the other gear that’s essential for North America’s longest-running live radio folk concert. In return, you’ll receive twelve months of benefits, including:

  • Free weekly raffles at the live BFG shows
  • Discounts on BFG T-shirts
  • Weekly e-mail notification of upcoming performers
  • Your name listed as a contributor on the BFG contributor lists in the weekly BFG program

Most important, you’ll experience the official Bound for Glory Warm Glow as an active supporter of live acoustic music in Ithaca. You’ll become part of what Hugh Blumenfeld calls “the spirit of the place and the echo of everyone who’s been here, premonitions of everyone to come.”

Do Even More

If you contribute $100 or more, you’ll be listed as a BFG Patron, and you can receive a special bonus–a CD from a recent Bound for Glory performer.

Here’s a gift idea

If you have a friend who has left town and misses Bound for Glory, send a contribution in their name. They’ll be delighted to see their name associated with this Ithaca institution we all love.

Thanks for your support!

To donate online

Use one of the links below to make a donation to the Friends of Bound for Glory through PayPal. Any donation of $10 or more qualifies you as a Member of the Friends of Bound for Glory for a whole year! You’ll receive timely e-mail reminders of upcoming shows, discounts on BFG t-shirts, and the warm glow of knowing that you are helping to support live folk music in Central New York.

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To donate by mail

Make checks payable to “Friends of Bound for Glory, Inc.”, and mail to P.O.Box 173, Ithaca, NY 14851

Please include the following information:

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Please indicate if you DO NOT wish your name included in the published list of contributors.

Are you donating in someone else’s name?  How kind of you!  Please give us your name and address also.

Donate at the live shows

You can also donate in person at the live shows at the Friends of Bound for Glory table.

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